Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Studied Energy Medicine at Rising Fire


Hi, I ‘m Iris,

My mission is to help you return to yourself, develop clarity of thought, and create emotionally positive outcomes more often in life as you take control of the choices you have and make.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I can help you navigate your spiritual journey with confidence and compassion. As a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, I will guide you to become aware, open, and honest about your experience in the present moment.

I created IntentionalHealing out of my love to help people see their situations in new ways, which creates new choices and new hope. Born in The Bronx, I grew up with a secret obsession to understand and support the people in my life. I always asked, and continue to ask, “Why do we endure so much emotional confusion and stay in difficult situations?

The clear understanding of decision making can lead to changes in the way we interact with others, and can facilitate, in a positive way, how we move forward and become better individuals for ourselves, our loved ones, family, friends, colleagues, community and the world.

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